Shapla Foundation

We are a private, nonprofit charitable organization whose main goal is to provide support for less fortunate students in our developing country. Through Shapla Foundation you can sponsor a child in Bangladesh for a small monthly donation ($30 /month). That’s just $1 a day!

See Exactly Where Your Money’s Being Used

Sanjida Akter

Sanjida Akter

It's often times frustrating to donate money to a cause and not knowing how much of our money is actually being used on that cause. We have created a system to track all spending relating to your donations for your sponsored child. You will also receive regular updates about your child and their growth.

You can have a look at our updates for Sanjida, one of our currently sponsored children:

A Glimpse of Our Recent Success

Shapla Foundation regularly keeps up with the progress of our children and we share these achievements on our social platforms and website.

If you visit our Instagram, you’ll be able to see, we went to visit the school of our sponsored children. We were happy to see our kids in school uniforms and attending their half-yearly examinations, especially after many of them had to drop out of school during the pandemic.


Photos & Videos: